Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thanksgiving Craft Class


Large- Unfinished $15 Finished $25

Small- Unfinished $10 Finished $17

Both- Unfinished $22 Finished $38

Unfinished-$9 Finished- $15

The Beginings Of Bitsa This and Bitsa That

Check back often for new items!

Hanging magnet board: 14"x 12"
Unfinished- $9 Finished- $15

Choose Saying:

Me and my Dad
Grandpa and Me
Things to do
Or whatever else you can come up with!

Choose vinyl - tan, black, cream

CTR Blocks:
Unfinished-$4.50 Finished-$8
Choose vinyl and paint

Please feel free to stop by the house and see the projects for yourself. I am really excited to put this class together. Its going to be a lot of fun. Don't forget to specify which night you will be coming. I also can make hanging shelves and bookcases if you would like some more info on that or have a special request Iwould love to hear from you.
So post a comment or send an email.
See you soon!


Karin said...

Becca!!! This is great! I totally want the CTR thing for Sydney for her birthday. Can I schedule a time for just she and I and you to work on it together. She loves you and that would be an awesome present for her. I'll talk to you. As for me...I'm still deciding. :)

*Jane Lee* said...

So far I want to do the Turkey for sure! Also, what size is the magnet board?

*Jane Lee* said...

Ok, now I read your whole posting... Special Requests? I need some shelves... Maybe you could stop by my house some time and I can show you what I need and we can talk prices..?

Jane Lee
234 Nectar

Becca said...

Hey Jane Lee
I will for sure drop by, just let me know when. Oh and I added the measurements on the blog for the magnet board. Its 14in x 12in.

Tina said...

This is fabulous! Thanks so much for the invitation! Marc will be gone during the days of your classes but I would like to purchase the "give thanks" blocks. Will you do them for me? I am also looking for some shelves for my kids rooms do you have any pictures to show me or should I just come on over and see what you have. I love to do this sort of thing so I am glad you are offering classes!

Becca said...

Thanks so much for your comment Tina. I would love to make the blocks for you, sorry about your husband leaving again. I love what he is doing to your door knobs. They look awsome!!!
Okay so as for the shelves im posting some up as soon as i can. And I am in the process of making ethan some but if none of these shelves work for you I would love to get your ideas and figure it out. Come over anytime
Thanks again

Kari said...

I love it!! You are so creative!! I think I want one of the magnet boards for my boys room...I'll let you know...I dont know if I can make it to a class, i will let you know! life is pretty hectic! you can see pics of the twins on my blog!

Becca said...

Your twins are so adorable. I love the pictures with the girls holding them. You have such a beautiful family.
I would love to make the board for you,just let me know.

*Jane Lee* said...

OH DANG! I missed the RSVP date... do you happen to have any Turkey's available that I can pay for? I'll pay today! Just let me know.


Becca said...

You are so cute Jane!!!
No worries what so ever. The due date is just so i can know who is serious or not.
Oh and thank you for advertising my blog on your blog. Which is absolutely adorable by the way.
Hopefully I can run into you tomorrow.
I hope all is well with your recovery.
Thanks again