Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thanksgiving Craft Class


Large- Unfinished $15 Finished $25

Small- Unfinished $10 Finished $17

Both- Unfinished $22 Finished $38

Unfinished-$9 Finished- $15

The Beginings Of Bitsa This and Bitsa That

Check back often for new items!

Hanging magnet board: 14"x 12"
Unfinished- $9 Finished- $15

Choose Saying:

Me and my Dad
Grandpa and Me
Things to do
Or whatever else you can come up with!

Choose vinyl - tan, black, cream

CTR Blocks:
Unfinished-$4.50 Finished-$8
Choose vinyl and paint

Please feel free to stop by the house and see the projects for yourself. I am really excited to put this class together. Its going to be a lot of fun. Don't forget to specify which night you will be coming. I also can make hanging shelves and bookcases if you would like some more info on that or have a special request Iwould love to hear from you.
So post a comment or send an email.
See you soon!